Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Because We Can music video + What About Now sample

The first video for Bon Jovi's latest single Because We Can is out (There will apparently be four videos in total).

Do you like the video? I couldn't work out if I found the closeups and camera angles cool/interesting or disorienting/trippy but I'm intrigued to see the rest of the story.

Meanwhile, a 90 second audio clip of What About Now has been released on the Bon Jovi app.


  1. Isn´t the old man playing the judge Jon's father? He looked like Jons father anyway...:)

  2. a video which has no bearing anyway whatsoever with the lyrics...odd!

  3. I love this song but I would prefer to just have the band singing. It is nothing like what I envisioned a video for this song (besides thinking fighting is barbaric) Just the band please. And what about the fan dancer???????????Give her some food! But LOVE the song. Can't wait to sing it with 50 to 60 thousand at Foxboro!

  4. The video is horribly edited. Too many cuts....your eye never has a chance to focus on one image for too long. Richie is an afterthought in this edit.....awful. Just stay on a shot for more than 10 frames, please. You never connect with the song because the video is cut so fast and poorly. You can get away with an edit like that for One Wild Night, but not this song. This obviously is a vehicle for Jon......not Bon Jovi. I really like the song, I just wish more thought would have gone into the video, and how it's presented.


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