Wednesday, January 9, 2013

#BecauseWeCan - More on the new Bon Jovi song

Not surprisingly, reactions to Bon Jovi's latest single Because We Can have been mixed with some loving it and others tearing it to shreds...

Meanwhile, here's a short video of Jon talking about Because We Can. Although these 55 seconds make it sound like a protest song, which isn't the impression I got from actually listening to the song.

The following lyric video has also been released.


  1. There's a disconnect between the verses and the choruses, IMO. However, after listening for a few days I've really grown to love it. Its sing-along chorus is super-hooky and just won't get out of my head. This isn't Bon jovi circa 1995 nor should it be. They've always been a pop-rock band and while this is more pop than rock ... it's still a good song.

  2. i don't in any way see this song as a protest song. I think the purpose of this song is a way for JON to use his famous "The Power of WE".......i didn't really care for this when i first heard it, but the more i listen to it, i get their message.....for us all over the world to get up off our rears and do something to make this world a better, good job Bon Jovi and we'll see what the rest of the cd sounds like.....for all of you ppl that want them to do songs like they did from the 80's, Not going to happen....we have to look back at the last few cd's that they have put them or not....they are making their music for this time and place that the world is i guess time will tell who gets on board with this band.....i am for sure....


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