Sunday, May 15, 2011

Atlanta set list

Looks like Jon isn't even bothering to hit shuffle on his iPhone when it comes to Bon Jovi setlists anymore. Apart from Hot Legs replacing Roadhouse Blues in the Bad Medicine medley, the Atlanta set was identical to the previous show in Des Moines (which was in itself identical to the Columbus show apart from the addition of one song). Hopefully it was a killer performance/show for everyone who was there.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Philips Arena - May 14, 2011
Lost Highway
You Give Love a Bad Name
Born To Be My Baby
We Weren't Born To Follow
It's My Life
Work For The Working Man
We Got It Goin' On
Bad Medicine / Hot Legs [Rod Stewart cover] / Old Time Rock and Roll [Bob Seger cover]
Lay Your Hands on Me
(You Want to) Make a Memory
Bed of Roses
I'll Be There For You
Who Says You Can't Go Home
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead / Start Me Up [Rolling Stones cover]
Blood on Blood
Have a Nice Day
Keep the Faith

When We Were Beautiful
Wanted Dead or Alive
Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
Livin' on a Prayer

Hath's Circle Tour Blog will have all the videos and media links from this concert in due course.


  1. It always surprises me when Jon has 3 shows with the same set list. Their catalog is deep and they must know that fans follow the tour either in person or on the internet. I don't think it can be blamed on Phil X. As a professional musician, he would have no problem learning more songs very quickly.

    Another surprise is that when BJ played New Orleans, I thought Jon's voice was strained and his stage moves forced. For it being the first show of this leg of the tour and the first show without Richie, he looked stressed. However, in the photos posted on Facebook, Jon looks like he is having fun and being engaged. Interesting what still photos show vs video clips.

  2. Jon is a better actor than he is given credit for. He can a put a show in his sleep. He has the ability of making you feel like there is no where he'd rather be than right there with you singing songs. But as seen on the documentary he complains about it before and after.

    Also look at him bitch at Tico during the bad medicine medley, kick the amp and then turn around to the crowd like he didn't just freak out.

    He is a professional and very good at what he does.


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