Monday, May 2, 2011

Phil X on board for May, Richie back for Europe?

Fill-in guitarist Phil X has tweeted that he's currently scheduled to play with Bon Jovi for all the shows in May:
Thanks for all the messages & support re last night's show @ Jazzfest. At this time I'm on board for the shows in May. Woohoo!!!
8 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
That would take us to the end of the North American leg. There is a gap from May 22 to June 8, when the European shows kick off in Zagreb. I think the plan is for Richie Sambora to rejoin the tour in Europe, but we'll see what happens. Some fans have tweeted Phil about specific shows during May, and he's said "at this stage" he's set to play, so I guess the door is still open for Richie to return sooner if he's ready.

Here are some other Phil X tweets related to his latest job:
Phil X

Waking up in New York. I think I finally got a good 6 hours sleep. Busy morning before my flight to New Orleans. Happy Friday.
29 Apr

Phil X

Play in front of 50,000 people w one if the biggest bands in the world, jump into a G4, fly to NYC & read a review of the show upon landing.
1 May

Phil X
@ I like Richie's work. I'm just helping out man. We're all hoping he's better soon.
12 hours ago

EDIT: I thought it was worth adding this tweet, to help alleviate some people's concerns:
Phil X
Already getting tired of the press using the word "replaced" instead of "filling in" or "covering for". RS will be back & kicking ass soon.
10 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

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  1. thank you for sharing Phil's tweet! since I don't tweet, I'm glad to have his thoughts on your blog. X-Man gained a lot of new fans out there! Happy for him as he is a very good musician! We will be seeing him a lot after that experience... :D


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