Saturday, May 21, 2011

Memphis Lives in Me and Bed of Roses videos

Here's the moment many of us have been waiting for... David Bryan performing Memphis Lives in Me from Memphis: The Musical at Bon Jovi's May 19 concert.

EDIT: Hockadoo! Here's another video of Dave's performance. Man, I love this song.

I also posted Bed of Roses from the Memphis show because I know some people have been complaining about Bobby Bandiera's solos on it. Well, Phil X is playing the solo here (You can't see him, because the camera is on Jon the whole time, but you can hear it). Bob played an acoustic guitar.


  1. It's great hearing the crowd respond to Dave's singing "Memphis Lives in Me." A special song for that particular crowd. I'm glad Dave got that moment but I doubt it will occur again on tour. He sounds (and looks) wonderful, though.

  2. Phil's lead playing is better then Bobbys' but it's hard to shake off the feeling that Richie nails this solo better. Mainly this is because the BOR solo main strength is it's mood and emotion.. something which Phil just misses the mark on(IMO).


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