Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Videos from St Louis

The North American leg of Bon Jovi's 2011 tour ended in St. Louis on May 22. It's been confirmed that it was Phil X's last show with Bon Jovi, so presumably Richie Sambora will return for the European tour.

Anyway, here are some selected videos.

Last Man Standing

Jon performs the song from the 100 level of the Scottrade Center before making his way through the crowd and back onto the stage.

Dry County

Phil's solo was "different" again but hardly awful given he's a fill-in as opposed to a replacement. Jon also changed the "He'd be back, back someday" lyric to "He'd be back come Judgement Day". Good overall performance.

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead / Takin' Care of Business

Sleep with one of their rarer "jukebox covers" in a light, fun performance.

Wanted Dead or Alive

Jon thanked the fans and Phil in his final show and again dedicated the song to "Brother Richie". The crowd sings the first verse and Phil sings the second.

Blood on Blood

Lyric change: "Richie's doin' the best that he can. Well me, I'm here, a singer of a grateful rock 'n' roll band." Nice touch. I also love this song and personally I think it's better away from the opening spot.

I'll Be There For You

This kind of became a Richie tribute song during this leg of the tour. Additional lyrics as follows (Corrections welcome):
If you want me to
I'll be there for you
Come on...
If you want me
Oh, I'll be there for you
I'll be your shoulder to lean on
I'll be the bus
I'll be the neighbour you can call
Count on me
You can count on me
Call my name
Call my name
And I'll come runnin', baby
I'll come runnin', baby

Check out Hath's Circle Tour Blog for more videos.

Thought I'd also give serpephone a plug, as there are lots of great videos from the North American leg on her account.

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