Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jon Bon Jovi gets serious with at-risk youth

Bon Jovi are playing in Atlanta tonight, but the stopover is also a chance for Jon to fulfil some of his White House Council duties:
The Friday meeting with young adults from Atlanta-based Chris Kids and Visions Youth Leadership Academy, as well as civic leaders including Atlanta City Council member Michael Julian Bond, was the second session for Bon Jovi and [fellow Council member Michael] Kempner. The first was last month in New Orleans and more, scheduled during days off on Bon Jovi’s tour, are planned in Houston and New York.

Now with two listening sessions behind them, Kempner and Bon Jovi, who happily posed for photos with the group after the meeting, are hearing some similar requests.

“It’s all about trust. In both cities, we’ve heard they want a role model to believe in them, and there’s a real need for life skills,” Kempner said.

“They love the idea of being mentored,” Bon Jovi added, “and want to remind you that behind the facade, they’re kids. These kids are determined to buck the system and that is just exemplary.”.
Read the full article here.

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