Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Videos from Columbus and Uncasville

Not too long now before Bon Jovi plays in Des Moines, so let's catch up on a few videos from the previous two shows.

From Columbus, Ohio (May 10, 2011)...

Wanted Dead or Alive

Jon rests a fan's JBJ and Richie Sambora dolls on his guitar during Wanted.
To David Bryan: "No that's not you! It's me!" Poor Dave! :P

Who Says You Can't Go Home (partial)

Why the heck would I put Who Says, I hear you ask! Well, it's less for the song and more for the funny moment where Jon stops the song in the middle to have a chat to event security guard Troy about how women stick their boobs in his face trying to take photos. Everyone is out of time when Jon tells the band to resume the song from the second chorus, but he doesn't give anyone the Infamous Stink-Eye. ;)

I'll Be There For You

Filmed from the pit (i.e. from behind Jon) as Jon is out on the platform. Additional lyrics (I think -- corrections welcome as always):
I'll be there for you
If you want me to
I'll be the air for you
I'll do anything
Well, I'll be there for you
Ooh yeah
Ooh yeah
Oh, I'll be there for you
If you want me to be
Through this driving rain
I'll take the weight of the world off your shoulders
Just call
Just call my name
Just tell me, my friend, that you'll be comin' back again
And I'll be there
I can hear you
Let me hear you
Let me hear you sing!

And from Uncasville (May 7, 2011)...

Last Man Standing

I guess Have a Nice Day is considered fairly mediocre in many circles, but it's an album that means a lot to me personally so it's been good to see this played semi-regularly since The Circle Tour, even if I'm not 100% sold on it as an opener, and there are other HAND songs I prefer.

So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star

This Byrds cover was rather unexpected. Not sure if it has special significance or if Jon just felt like throwing it in. Prior to this, Rock 'n' Roll Star was last performed at the Jon Bon Jovi and Friends Starland Ballroom show in January.

More videos on Hath's Circle Tour Blog.

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  1. I like HAND a lot too. Yeah, its all pretty safe and the IML formula is all over it but I really like the B-side.

    I, like you never really like Last Man Standing as an opener (or really at all honestly - acoustic or electric). The songs I'd like to hear again from that album are Last Cigarette, Story of My Life, and Novocaine.


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