Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sambora a chance for Jazz Fest?

All reports seem to indicate that Richie Sambora will be in rehab when Bon Jovi takes to the stage at New Orleans' Jazz Fest, but this article by The Times-Picayune's Keith Spera seems to suggest he could still play:
However, as I left the Fair Grounds around 8:45 p.m. on Friday after filing my last reviews, the Bon Jovi road crew was already assembling the band's gear on the Acura Stage. Tico Torres' massive drum kit was in place; it will be moved to the back of the stage as other bands perform Saturday.

Interestingly, at stage right stood a standard microphone and the tube device used for "talk box" guitar solos.

A member of the crew confirmed that this was Sambora's guitar rig. So would Sambora actually make the gig at Jazz Fest? "We'll see what happens," said the roadie, declining to elaborate further.
Intriguing. I guess we will all know soon enough.

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