Thursday, February 10, 2011

University Park set list

Bon Jovi kicked off the 2011 tour at Penn State, more or less picking up where they left off. There was a webcast of the show, which I missed because I'm on the other side of the world and didn't expect anything special enough for me to put my life on hold for. ;)

Apparently Jon and Richie were both sick or "off" and it didn't make for a good show; I'm hearing and reading comments along the lines of "worst Bon Jovi show ever". But reviews from those who were either at the show or caught the livestream are always welcome.

University Park, Pennsylvania, USA - Bryce Jordan Center - February 9, 2011
Blood on Blood
We Weren't Born to Follow
You Give Love a Bad Name
Born To Be My Baby
Lost Highway
Whole Lot of Leavin'
It's My Life
We Got It Goin' On
Bad Medicine / Oh, Pretty Woman [Roy Orbison cover]
Lay Your Hands on Me [Richie Sambora on lead vocals]
(You Want to) Make a Memory
What Do You Got?
I'll Be There For You
Work for the Working Man
Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Who Says You Can't Go Home
Keep the Faith

Wanted Dead or Alive
Livin' on a Prayer

As always, video links will be up on Hath's Circle Tour blog.


  1. The people on the JoviTalk message board are a bit dramatic. It wasn't a great show (from the webcast perspective) and there were enough mistakes to go around.

    Jon and Richie (especially) looked sick and that made for some bum notes and drop-outs here and there.

    I know I'm sick right now (head cold that's going around much of the eastern USA) and I couldn't have done what they did last night. I say cut them some slack

  2. I agree that the show was sub-standard in many ways. They were definitely not in top form, not even close. The fact that the show was identical to the show I saw in Tampa made me change my mind about driving to Orlando and paying a fortune for tickets.

  3. I have to agree as a trained musician this was off from the get go. it could be because they were rusty and have not played in a month and a bit or maybe they were sick, but yes there were several errors right from Blood on Blood. Either way they are human and entitled to off days

  4. I'll be the voice for the minority and say that I loved the web cast. Yes, I did think Jon sounded off. His voice wasn't right. But hey, if you are performing as much as he is AND if you are or get sick (which we all do) then I'll cut him some slack. I was just excited that instead of 30 minutes in the web cast, we got 70. I loved that!! Sure, it's the same old songs that they always do in shows - I'm really over most of the SWW catalogue after listening to them for 20+ years - but I was happy to get that web cast.

    That said, in general, the ticket prices are so flipping sky high - my first Jovi show in 1985 was $13.50 (and they were the openers for Ratt) - so I'm not sorry I'm not making the trip to Raleigh to catch them on this leg of the tour. But I, personally, am always thrilled to see the band live. Even if I mumble-grumble (which I totally do!) over them doing the same old songs when I'd love something like "Only Lonely" or "Love's the Only Rule" or "These Days". Something different. So from just a general fangirly perspective, I thought it was a good show.

    Of course, in my happy place, the perfect Jovi show is when Dave gets to sing instead of Richie. :o)


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