Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Videos from Montreal

Bon Jovi played a couple of nights at Montreal's Bell Centre on February 18 and February 19. So how about a few videos to whet the appetite for Madison Square Garden? ;)

The Radio Saved My Life Tonight

Chorus will always lack the power of the studio version when it's dropped an octave, but this is still one of my favourite songs. Maybe even my favourite performance of it.

Living in Sin / Chapel of Love

I'm a bit filthy this wasn't on the Greatest Hits. It was a top 10 Billboard single, which is more than I can say for a lot of other inclusions.

Love's the Only Rule

Love. This. Song. Although Jon starts off with a two-minute speech about the protests in the Middle East; I don't mind this personally, but I know a lot of people get jacked off when rock concerts get "political", even when the artist is well known for their politics.

Dry County

Many of you know I'm incapable of complaining about "Dry County". ;)

Last Man Standing / You Give Love a Bad Name

Focuses on the main stage, so no Jon for "Last Man Standing".

Blood on Blood (acoustic; partial)

Start Me Up / Jumpin' Jack Flash / Dancing in the Street / I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

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  1. I love the last clip - great mix of mini-covers!


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