Sunday, February 13, 2011

Videos: The More Things Change, This Is Love, Just Older from Pittsburgh

Who wants to see some Bon Jovi videos from night #2 in Pittsburgh (February 12, 2011)? They played two new songs, so you know what that means... Video Showcase Time. :)

The More Things Change / Lost Highway

"The More Things Change" is probably my favourite new track from the Greatest Hits and Ultimate Collection. It sounds decent for mine, though Jon looks as if he's concentrating too hard on the teleprompter too hard to really get into the song. But to be fair, there are actually quite a lot of lyrics in it, and I'm sure he'll get better with practise (hint, hint). Jon swapped over to a cool new Takamine guitar with a heart and dagger logo for "Lost Highway".

This Is Love, This Is Life

Not too bad, albeit not as powerful as the studio version which would have been difficult to replicate live, but I think it has promise as a live track. Hope they keep performing this and "The More Things Change" to iron out the kinks (and because, in my opinion, they are both superior songs to "What Do You Got" and "No Apologies").

Just Older

Bon Jovi opened with "Just Older" instead of "Blood on Blood" which makes for a nice switch. Jon also made a personal change, playing an electric guitar on the song.


  1. I am a believer of Just Older (again, if ever). It has alway been a good rock song, nothing more, nothing less. But Jon sang it like he meant it. Very fine performance. I am glad they are switching things up. It looks from the little I have seen that they are enjoying themselves. Oh and Thank You was fantastic.

  2. Love Just Older too. Wish it'd been a single back in the day.


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