Monday, February 28, 2011

Washington DC set list

The last show of the month for Bon Jovi. I don't think we were expecting too much.

Washington, DC, USA - Verizon Center - February 27, 2011
Blood on Blood
You Give Love a Bad Name
Born to Be My Baby
We Weren't Born to Follow
Lost Highway
Work for the Working Man
It's My Life
We Got It Goin' On
Bad Medicine / Oh, Pretty Woman [Roy Orbison cover]
Lay Your Hands on Me [Richie Sambora on lead vocals]
The More Things Change
(You Want To) Make a Memory
I'll Be There For You
Love for Sale
Someday I'll Be Saturday Night [acoustic]
Who Says You Can't Go Home
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead / Start Me Up [Rolling Stones cover]
Have a Nice Day
Keep the Faith

Wanted Dead or Alive
I Love This Town
Livin' on a Prayer


  1. two circle songs?? seriously, just two? That's really annoying and a rather depressive state of how the album seems to be airing on tour.

  2. Yes, only two... one of which is Work for the Working Man which I think will go down as one of the worst songs they have ever written in favor of Love's the Only Rule or WWWB- two of the better songs this decade. And FOUR from Lost Highway... the blandest of their albums IMO. Don't get me wrong. Make A Memory is a great song. It doesn't work well live, but unfortunately WGIGO does... so play them both. But Lost Highway (and Whole Lot of Leaving... which I like) and Work are the two swore thumbs of this tour.

    That being said, I Love This Town worked well in Chicago. I could have picked 100 songs I'd rather have seen, but at least it worked.

    I just want to hear Brokenpromiseland once. I am sorry for being negative. At least they played The More Things Change and this show got two medleys.


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