Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"Family first" Richie Sambora: Interview with Australia's Today show

Richie Sambora, in Australia for the Melbourne Cup, spoke to Today's entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins about why he isn't on tour with Bon Jovi. He cited the need to put his family first and spend time with Ava, and also said he thought there should have been a longer break between the last tour and this one -- something a lot of people would agree with. Check out the interview here.

Richie Sambora on the Today Show - November 5, 2013

A few things don't quite add up, such as why Richie would leave it so late to decide not to play in Calgary and why he had previously implied he might be back later in the tour if things were resolved. Richie also said he's been sober for eight years, but he missed shows as recently as May 2011 because he was in rehab -- that's how most of us knew who Phil X was in the first place. But this is probably as close to the horse's mouth as we are going to get anytime soon.

What are your thoughts on the interview?

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  1. I agree with you. What he says just doesn't add up. He must think the reporter lives under a rock & hasn't heard about Richie's previous absences to go to rehab. And about his tweets. The only thing that might ring true is Richie's hope to return to the band. Hope is about all he has of that happening. For some, Phil is part of the future- Richie is the past.

    Thank you for posting this. Really appreciate you keeping us in the loop as far as what the band is up to.


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