Saturday, November 9, 2013

Phil X honours memory of young Mississauga woman by playing her guitar in concert

The Toronto Star recently published an article about the guitar Phil X played during Wanted Dead or Alive in Toronto on November 2. The custom-designed guitar had been given to The Guitar World by the family of a young woman named Kara who died suddenly in September:
Enter rock star Phil Xenidis, known as Phil X, who recently replaced Richie Sambora as the guitarist with Bon Jovi.

Xenidis, a Mississauga native and friend of [The Guitar World store owner Jim] Toris, saw the post about Kara. “All I saw was this young girl with a huge smile holding up the guitar she just got,” he says. “And it put a big smile on my face.”

He read about her death and how the family wanted people to play her guitar and “I just texted my buddy Jim on the spot to say ‘I’d love to play Kara’s guitar when we play the Air Canada Centre with Bon Jovi,’” he says.

The gesture was beyond what anyone had imagined, Toris says, adding “he blew my mind away when he explained how he wanted to be part of it.”

Xenidis didn’t want to make a fuss. “I didn’t even tell Jon (Bon Jovi),” he says. “I didn’t tell anybody. For me it was more of a personal touch, something I wanted to do for the family.”
Read the full story here.

Bon Jovi - WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE - PHIL X - Toronto - 11-02-2013


  1. 100% pure class & kindness!!!

  2. Keep this guy, Jon. Oh, and he can play like anything (Ct. concert and 5-11 concert)


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