Friday, April 12, 2013

That's What the Water Made Me (opening song in Austin)

That's What the Water Made Me opened a Bon Jovi concert for the first time in Austin, Texas on April 10, 2013. (It was also the first show of the Because We Can Tour not to open with You Give Love a Bad Name.)

Water seems to be one of the most liked songs on What About Now... I'd personally love to hear it on the radio and be able to tell everyone that's my favourite band's new single (Not that it means a whole lot in the grand scheme of things). Do you think it works well as an opener?

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  1. I think That's What the Water is a great opening song. It sets a different, newer tone to the concert and it is a really good song, maybe the best on the album. BTW, Jon's voice sounded really really awesome.
    Also I would have loved to hear Last Man Standing. I remember when that song opened on a previous tour and it worked really well as an opening number. Jon started that song at back of arena and made his way to the stage - it was awesome.
    Need Richie back though.


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