Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bon Jovi - Always in St Paul ft Phil X

Bon Jovi's performance of Always in St Paul on April 7, 2013. Always wasn't in the sets in May 2011 when Phil X previously filled in for Richie Sambora, so this is Phil's first time playing it. What do you think?

Meanwhile, this Fretted Americana video, in which Phil X showcases Bo Diddley's guitar, has Phil confirmed for dates up to April 16 so far. This could possibly open the door for Richie to make a return for his home show in Los Angeles on April 19, although Bon Jovi's initial announcement had Richie out for the whole leg, which would include all the April shows.


  1. Hey Phil, Re: Always=Great! Saw you in Uncasville in May 2011. Excellent job there also!

  2. It wasn't the same without Richie. I'm sure Phil is talented, but I know he had to read some chord charts for a few songs...I guess thats what happens when you have to fill in at the last minute. The chemistry just wasn't there without Richie but I understand that the show must go on.


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