Monday, March 14, 2011

Videos from Uncasville: A Day for Diehards

First up, I'd like to apologise for being late with these; blame it on a combination of work and, in the last couple of days, being unable to login to the Blogger dashboard from my usual browser. I'm typing this from IE right now, which is not something I like to do by choice. :P

Anyway, I promised a video showcase and it's time to deliver. I'm glad there's this break in the tour at the moment or I'd be even further behind. ;) Without further ado, here's a bunch of videos from Bon Jovi's amazing set in Uncasville on March 4, 2010.

The Radio Saved My Life Tonight

Surprising choice for opener, but I dig the song.

Thorn In My Side

The twin solo at the end just takes the song to another level every time. Sure, I'm biased because I loved The Circle from the start, but it's the live performances of "Thorn", along with "Love's the Only Rule", that convinced me that Jon gave up on the album way too easily.

Wild in the Streets

Some people were just about bursting blood vessels over the decision to let Bobby Bandiera take the solo on this. Thoughts?

I Got The Girl

This song is roundly hated but I don't mind it... Crush isn't a favourite album of mine, but when I think about it, there are really only two songs on it that I particularly dislike and this isn't one of them. I enjoyed the little jam at the end too.

In These Arms (David Bryan vox)

I ALWAYS love hearing Dave sing.

Superman Tonight (acoustic)

I absolutely adore the unplugged version of this. The touch of violin from special guest Lorenza Ponce worked nicely here.

Living in Sin

Ah, the forgotten New Jersey hit (it was one of five top 10 hits from that album, and the only one that didn't make the recent Greatest Hits).

Hey God

This was my favourite song at one point. It's now slipped down the list a bit but it's still comfortably in my top 10, so it's always great to see this pop up in a set.

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  1. This was the sixth BJ concert that I've been to, the third at Mohegan, which is the best around here because only die-hards tend to attend. THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!! Superman was beautiful, and the ecoeing of Richie in the background was beautiful! Loves glimpses of the box set and older songs which get ignored on tours. I got a little nervous when Wanted showed up 2/3 through because it's always one of the last two songs but loved how sets were not predictable.


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