Thursday, March 17, 2011

James Durbin performs I'll Be There For You

Here's American Idol contestant James Durbin performing "I'll Be There For You" (after the customary intro package and workshop footage). The theme was songs from the year you were born.

Haven't been following this series, but I do like that he didn't do a straight karaoke copy, and that he went for the big scream at the end. There's some discussion going on about whether Steven Tyler's "You made Desmond Child proud with that" comment was meant as a deliberate dig at Bon Jovi... especially given Desmond was never credited as a writer on the song.

Anyway what do you think of James' performance?

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  1. It wasn't the Desmond Child comment that bothered me. That is common ground. It was telling James not to get "too poppy" that kind of ticked me off. Like Aerosmith don't have their silly pop songs. I have been wondering how he meant that.


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