Thursday, March 3, 2011

Amazing Lay Your Hands on Me + Working Man audio troubles

This is "Lay Your Hands on Me" from Bon Jovi's Boston show (March 1, 2011).

Jon starts off the song, before handing over to Richie Sambora. During the song, he and David Bryan add a cool little instrumental/jam session. I'm a fan of letting the Jon-less song showcase the talents of the band, and it breathes new life into the song. I think they performed it like this in Washington, DC too; hopefully it's a regular thing now.

Another thing that happened in Boston was the speakers blowing out during "Work for the Working Man". It takes Jon half the song to realise it, but doesn't seem to ruin his mood. Here are a couple of videos.

This one depicts the actual moment the sound cuts off:

And here is the moment of realisation, and ensuing reaction:

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