Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dry County, sound issues, and JBJ playing Dad in New York City (MSG 3)

Yes, I know I'm two weeks late for videos from Bon Jovi's Madison Square Garden show on March 5, 2011... What can I say? Love alone doesn't pay the bills. ;) I wasn't originally going to post vids from this show because while the set list was still good, it's not like they played something I haven't already showcased on this tour.

But I decided it was worth posting a couple of videos of this incredible "Dry County" from that night. Might well be one of the best versions they've done in recent years; everyone sounds great.

There were also technical issues at this show with the PA system dying as it had in Boston. Jon took the band off stage once he realised no one could hear anything.

And this is "Who Says You Can't Go Home" immediately after they returned to the stage. One of the very few times I will post a video of this song on Blame It On The Love, because I know how passionately many of you hate it. :P

The Doors' "Roadhouse Blues" is a cool song , but the real reason I posted this here was because of Jon's comment: "I gotta keep Jakey entertained over there so he don't play his DS game!" I guess when your father's just always been a rock star, it's not terribly exciting anymore. ;)


  1. Well hello there! Dry County was really one of the best performance I've heard of that song in a very long time! Richie was on fire! You could have left aside Who says... Don't like that one either ;) still don't understand why they play it almost every show! Thanks!

  2. They nailed Dry County, my wife who couldn't care either way about the song even commented on how good it was. I think he nailed Bed of Roses as well....Thanks for posting who says, I can see myself in the crowd on the backside. -Linn in CT


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