Friday, August 27, 2010

What Do You Got to debut on 95.5 PLJ


From the website of New York radio station 95.5 PLJ:
At 7:45am on Friday morning, Scott & Todd will have the WORLD PREMIERE of the brand new Bon Jovi single, "What Do You Got," from the greatest hits CD that hits stores on November 9th.

Tune in for the world premiere!
International IPs are blocked from listening but you can try either using a proxy to get around it or wait for someone to (hopefully) post a decent quality rip.


  1. The old school font has me all giddy! stuff like this is what gets the fanboy in me stirring - awesome! i can't wait to hear it tomorrowI wonder whether the riffs will be circle like. Lets hope they don't leave a solo out this time either!

  2. Lol! That's the absolute first thing I noticed as well, the old font. And it's awesome :) I can't wait as well!

  3. lol nice to see someone else noticed and found it cool too!


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