Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Captain Crash + I Don't Like Mondays on, Greatest Hits Nov 9

As part of's themed weeks:

Like the other videos and MP3s released so far, they are live cuts from the O2 arena in London.

(Sorry, about the "WHYYYY?!" earlier. I know a lot of people love "Captain Crash". Hell, so do I when it comes on. But of all the songs you could release it was one we didn't need.)

And... the new Greatest Hits album now has a release date: November 9, 2010. (Our favourite leaker, Richie Sambora called it last month but apparently it's now been confirmed on the Backstage JBJ website.)


  1. I agree about Captain Crash. I mean, they only have so much time available at each concert, and have so many songs they could play, why do they play Captain Crash so much? Surely it's not that popular? I don't think its a bad song, but there are about 30 songs I would put in front of it and would prefer to see them play!!

    And, with the vault of things Obie is sitting on, why keep releasing just O2 Arena stuff? Dissapointing.

  2. I'm thinking maybe the whole "70 songs at the O2" thing was done (and drummed up heavily) specifically for this, but there are still better songs that could be released.

  3. That's a good point, and you're probably right. So hopefully they release some of the tracks that they only played once or twice, rather than stuff we hear all the time! :)


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