Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New info on Greatest Hits: First single What Do You Got!

This is from Backstage JBJ:
Bon Jovi GREATEST HITS will be a 16-song single disc chock full of the band’s biggest chart-toppers including “Livin’ On A Prayer,” “Always,” “It’s My Life,” “Wanted Dead or Alive,” and “Who Says You Can’t Go Home.” Two new songs, including lead single “What Do You Got,” round out the tracklisting. “What Do You Got?” will hit radio airwaves globally at the end of August.

Bon Jovi GREATEST HITS - THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION will be a 28-song two disc edition made up of the GREATEST HITS CD from the standard edition and a second disc featuring beloved fan favorites including “Bed of Roses,” “Blood on Blood,” “These Days,” and “Keep The Faith” plus the third and fourth new tracks created for this project.

The four new songs (“The More Things Change,” “No Apologies,” “This Is Love, This Is Life” and the first single, “What Do You Got?”) were written specifically for inclusion in this compilation.

This is quite exciting... Firstly because common sense prevailed and they're releasing a career spanner and not just a post-Cross Road release... Secondly because we'll be hearing a new song very soon... and thirdly because "This Is Our House" has thankfully been left off. :P

The two-tiered approach caters to different levels of fans, which I think is a good move for a band like Bon Jovi.

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  1. Do you know full track list? :)

  2. Well well well. 4 new tracks not including This is Our House is good. It does seem weird they are going with the 2 versions though. I posted a comment about this some time ago on Anthony Kuzminski's blog ( and I thought that they should just have the 2 disc version, and Crossroad basically becomes the 1 disc version.

    Anyway, better start saving money (after finally recently dishing out to get the Special Editions, I'm skint!).

  3. @Gareth: I don't know the full tracklist yet.

    @Michael: They might be trying to target different regional markets... disc one sounds like it'll be their best known US hits with disc two including stuff that was more popular internationally than in their home country. But without the benefit of the tracklist, that's just me speculating.

  4. I'm excited for the new songs but part of me is sad that this officially means they are giving up on The Circle (their best album since These Days, IMO).

  5. Daniel - yeah, that is disappointing, especially since the new Greatest Hits will be out before the Circle Tour hits Australia - I'll be seeing them on December 14 in Brisbane - so it will definitely be a GH tour and I really want them to play Thorn in My Side!

    Lee-Ann - Good point, especially since they have had lots of hits outside the US. I wonder if they will go back to having different versions for different countries, like they did for Crossroads?


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