Friday, August 20, 2010

Will Memphis live in Zac Efron?

According to Page Six, Zac Efron is reportedly keen to play the male lead in the movie adaptation of Memphis:
Insiders speculate that Efron is interested in the lead role of Huey Calhoun, a 1950s-era Memphis radio DJ played onstage by Chad Kimball.

Sources said Efron hung out with the cast during intermission and gushed over female lead Montego Glover. "When Montego came over, Efron said, 'I just can't stay away from the show,' " reports a witness.

Efron also attended the show in July on the same night he and "[High School] Musical" co-star Corbin Bleu spent $2,000 at Flashdancers.

Although there are no concrete plans yet to adapt "Memphis" for the big screen, Efron isn't the only actor in the hunt. Justin Timberlake saw the show in May, about the same time director Oliver Stone checked it out.
Read the full article here.

The Memphis the Musical blog also mentioned this story.

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