Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Single review: We Weren't Born to Follow

Yesterday I heard "We Weren't Born to Follow" on Perth radio for the first time, while listening to 96fm. I always get excited the first few of times I hear a Bon Jovi song on the radio, and then kind of warm and happy thereafter -- even if I don't like the song that much, which is odd. I think it's because it's so rare to hear a Bon Jovi song other than "Livin' on a Prayer" or "You Give Love a Bad Name". I can't vouch for anywhere else but it seems a Bon Jovi song has to fit a certain mould to get airplay here. For example, "It's My Life" and "Have a Nice Day" got lots of airplay when they came out, and "Lost Highway" in the lead-up to the Australian tour, but I didn't hear "Make a Memory" on the radio once. (That said, Mix 94.5 is the only other commercial station I listen to, so for all I know, I could switch on another station and suddenly hear "This Ain't a Love Song" -- I highly doubt it though :P ).

But despite the flutter of excitement I felt yesterday, I think Tony Kuzminski has summed up my basic feelings about "We Weren't Born to Follow" in his review on The Screen Door.

I like the song, I really do, it's just... lacking something. It's so sweet and safe. Sometimes I feel like Bon Jovi realised they stumbled upon a formula for commercial success in their native market at the start of this decade and have been too busy trying to follow it ever since. They're still making a lot of music I enjoy but I know they can do better.

"We Weren't Born to Follow" also seems to be the latest Bon Jovi song being used to promote Major League Baseball. Well, I reckon it's a step up from "I Love This Town". :P

2009 TBS MLB Open- Bon Jovi from Turner Sports on Vimeo.

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