Sunday, September 13, 2009

Album and tour info from Tokyo

As tweeted by TokyoRockChick...

I just heard so many Bon Jovi info on radio!!! He interviewed Jon on 5th/Sep. I will post everything later!!! My heart beats fast now!!!1 : First of all, Bon Jovi has trusted this DJ since 84. BJ became famous due to his support. He has huge power in Japanese music industry.

2 : The DJ met Jon for the world premiere interview on 5th/Sep at a hotel in front of Jon's house.

3 : Jon specified the hotel to have the interview, and came there by walk.

4 : The DJ watched BJ documentary movie & listened 9 new songs. 8 songs will be on The Circle.

5 : As of Sep 5th, the order of the tracks had not been decided. Titles are When We Were Beautiful, WWBTF, Work For The Working Man, &..

6 : Superman Tonight, Broken Promise Land, Fast Cars, Thorn In My Side, Happy Now.

7 : The one more new song will be on the best album. No info for the title but it was so cool as per DJ.

8 : The Circle "might" be mixed by Bob Clearmountain in London. (Only this info was not confirmed by Jon.)

9 : About tour, they will play on 14th/Feb/2010 in Hawai. After that North American tour, & then European tour in summer.10 : Bon Jovi will play at indoor venue in Europe after almost 20 years interval.

11 : The DJ asked Jon about London O2 Arena, Jon replied "We're planning 20 times there."

12 : In 2009 there wont be tour, but they will do some promotion activities.

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