Sunday, September 20, 2009

JBJ on When We Were Beautiful documentary

More from an interview with Jon Bon Jovi on Tokyo Radio, this time about the upcoming documentary When We Were Beautiful, as tweeted by the wonderful TokyoRockChick.

Icon_lockThese 17 posts are from Jon Bon Jovi's interview, its about their documentary movie. #BonJoviIcon_lock1 : The documentary When We Were Beautiful: We made a movie, and the idea was that caputure the band in that moment in time.Icon_lock2 : We didn't want it to be retrospective, we didn't want it to be a concert movie. So it was very specific what we're looking for,Icon_lock3 : which is the caputure what it's like the inside the circle (the band), what it's like when the door is closed.Icon_lock4 : So even the parts aren't pretty, I left in there on purpose. So you could get more of the sense what it's like.Icon_lock5 : If you are a REAL fan, you watch something like this and I think you appreciate it more.Icon_lock6 : Because you've already seen the shows, you've already watched the old 20 some year old televisions, videos and stuff.Icon_lock7 : You wanna know what the guy is all about, and I think this helps to tell that story.Icon_lock8 : So first we thought we could tell the story with the book, and began writing the memoirs.Icon_lock9 : And we didn't like it. We gave the company their money back.Icon_lock10 : We hired the 1st director who is an Academy Award director and she didn't get it. It was obvious after a couple of weeks we did it.Icon_lock11 : We started to destroy it. And we met a guy Phil Griffin the director, he shot a video for Whole Lot of Leavin'Icon_lock12 : and he caputured it, took some great photographs and having a conversation with him.Icon_lock13 : You realise it was a great conversation, and he could be rather inquisitive and sensed great interview.Icon_lock14: So we thought "Let's take a chance" and hired him to direct and give him access and trust him.Icon_lock15 : So we paid for it and we sold it off. It all worked for the best cause when you paid for it you have total control.Icon_lock16 : and even the people who bought it, it's company called Showtime here in America, they gave us total artistic freedom.Icon_lock17 : They didn't come in, they didn't change it, they kept their words on it. So I'm pleased with the outcome.

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