Thursday, September 17, 2009

More album and tour info from Tokyo

Here are some additional details to the earlier post about the new album and tour as announced on Tokyo radio. (You may need to read the earlier post to understand what some of this is referring to.) Thanks again to TokyoRockChick for the tweets.

1 : 8 songs that DJ listened were all fantastic. The Circle will be a really GREAT album, back to ROCK & VERY Bon jovi in a word. as per DJ

2 : Seems it has one big theme, BJ wants to give the world strength, positive energy in such a bad times we've been through since last year.

3 : The song w/o title which will be on the best CD was Extremely Awesome. Its DJ's favorite.The song has similar guitar to It's My Life.4: As for Hawai 14th/Feb/2010, its only 1 show there.

5 : London O2 Arena, 20 shows, Promoter AEG. This info will be announced officially.6 : DJ mentioned Berlin O2 Arena as well. But its not confirmed by Jon.7 : As of 5th/Sep, Jon himself told there was no live in 2009. But record company side told DJ they were planning something secretly.8 : Record company side had their plan of Bon Jovi live around the release date for the promotion and wanted Jon to say Yes.

I have to admit, the 2nd and 3rd points are causing me a bit of apprehension. But I am getting excited about The Circle's release. Hope the tour comes to Australia!


  1. Hi, I'm a huge Japanese fan of BJ.

    Link below shows you THE DJ's "scrawled memorandum" when he listened to new 9 songs of CIRCLE on interviewing JON.

    So please look at 5th line of the memorandum.

    It says "⑤ THIS AIN'T ?????? LOVE (It's similar to It's My Life.)".

    Sorry that I couldn't read ?????? part above. Maybe it could be read "NOWHERE", but I couldn't figure it out.

    So the title of the song which will be on the best CD might be "THIS AIN'T ?????? LOVE",right?

  2. Yes, looks like it. It might just be "This Ain't Love" (i.e. he may have just crossed out an incorrect word). Thanks for the link.

  3. Hi,kenobi!

    Thanks lots for your reply. I'm glad it helped.

    You know, a unknown BJ song was aired at NFL's game(New York Giants VS New England Patriots) on 3rd Sep.

    Now BJ fan call this song "This Is Our House", and link below could make you listen to THIS SONG without disturbing noises.

    Oh by the way, could you tell me the meaning of "kenobi"?

    See you

  4. kenobi is just a nickname I was given in high school, in reference to a Star Wars character called Obi-Wan Kenobi. :)


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