Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We Weren't Born to Follow: the solo we never had

By now, most of my readers would have heard Bon Jovi's latest single "We Weren't Born to Follow". You would also have heard Jon yell "Guitar!" just before Richie plays... well, a very basic repeated pattern for 15 seconds. Yelling "Guitar!" in the middle of a rock song generally implies some sort of solo, especially when you have such a talented lead guitarist at your disposal, so this ends up being quite an anticlimactic moment. :P

Well, a guy called Rafael in Brazil has come up with a guitar solo to fill that space.

So what do you think? Should Richie Sambora be taking notes for the upcoming tour? ;)


  1. Kenobi, I defintely agree with you: there's a lack on Richie's solo that could be filled with Rafael's solo - this guy rocked!

  2. EXCELLENT!!! This is my BIGGEST bitch about this song. I like the song but there is NO guitar solo and when you utter the words GUITAR in your song, you better PLAY a SOLO!!! KUDOS to this guy... too bad no one can send that to Richie to show him yo dude, we still think you can ROCK, now show us. I think it's time for Richie to really shine while playing the thing he loves most...his guitar...

  3. I think we'll get a proper solo on the album version


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