Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More on We Weren't Born to Follow

For anyone who couldn't listen to the new single yesterday and still hasn't had the chance to, it's now streaming on the blog section of the official Bon Jovi site.

Presenting the artwork/cover for "We Weren't Born to Follow" (cheers to The Screen Door for this heads up):

Is anyone else thinking/visualising the same thing as me, or do I just have a dirty mind? :P

Lastly, the new Bon Jovi material has had some mixed reactions thus far. I was in stiches reading a mock press release posted on JoviTalk, though not everyone finds it funny... ;)


  1. I actually thought the press release was hysterical. I giggled at the "pinky solo" and guitarist/womanizer comments. Too clever. I noticed over there that some people need to buy a sense of humor :) Kinda like on Backstage, but the guy who wrote the press release probably won't get banned.


  2. Yeah, that is a solid mock press release. Every new album they claim to be their best. This single, while decent, isn't anything much to get excited about. O + yeah - what is the point of yelling 'Guitar' if your not actually going to have a guitar solo?


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