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Bon Jovi Brisbane set list 17/12/13

"Thank you, goodnight, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year," said Jon at the end of a three-hour show in Brisbane. And with that, Bon Jovi signed off on the tumultuous Because We Can tour. The final show was streamed live around the world via the Telstra and Bon Jovi websites.

Were you there in person, or watching online?

Brisbane, QLD, Australia - Suncorp Stadium - December 17, 2013

  1. That's What the Water Made Me
  2. You Give Love a Bad Name
  3. Raise Your Hands
  4. Lost Highway
  5. Whole Lot of Leavin'
  6. It's My Life
  7. Because We Can
  8. What About Now
  9. We Got It Going On
  10. Keep the Faith
  11. Amen
  12. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night - acoustic
  13. Diamond Ring
  14. (You Want To) Make a Memory
  15. Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars
  16. Born to Be My Baby
  17. We Weren't Born to Follow
  18. Who Says You Can't Go Home
  19. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
    / Jumpin' Jack Flash - Rolling Stones cover
    / Start Me Up - Rolling Stones cover
    / Wipe Out - The Surfaris cover (Tico Torres solo)
    / Highway to Hell - AC/DC cover (Phil X vox)
  20. Bad Medicine
  21. encore 1:
  22. I'll Be There For You
  23. Wanted Dead or Alive
  24. Have a Nice Day
  25. In These Arms
  26. Livin' on a Prayer
  27. encore 2:
  28. These Days
  29. Always
  30. Run Run Rudolph - Chuck Berry cover
  31. I Love This Town


  1. Caught from mid-Bad Medicine on after I woke up this morning. I love this band but JBJ can't sing these songs anymore - it's kinda painful to watch him strain so much. Hopefully, the work their "personal issues" out as a band, Jon gets some proper vocal training so he can sing Always and Prayer without looking like his head will explode, and the band comes back as strong as they did after their big break in the early 90s. Time marches on and they won't ever be 1995 Bon Jovi anymore, but this tour was a disaster from, literally, Day One (even though the show I saw in Louisville was pretty good, IMO).

  2. Just posted this on Facebook ;)

    Just watched the Bon Jovi webcast of the final show of the tour, which ik my opinion was a great initiative, especially since this time we also got a chance to watch the encore. The main setlist is mostly the same every night, with a few exceptions like the second Sydney show, so if there are rarities on the setlist, they'll be played during the encore.

    Here's the setlist and my 'notes' ;):

    Main set (2 hours):
    1. That's what the water made me
    2. You give love a bad name (struggling with vocals)
    3. Raise your hands
    4. Lost highway
    5. Whole lot of leaving
    6. It's my life
    7. Because we can
    8. What about now
    9. We got it goin' on
    10. Keep the faith
    11. Amen
    12. Someday I'll be Saturday night (acoustic)
    13. Diamond Ring (acoustic)
    14. (You want to) make a memory
    15. Captain Crash & The beauty queen from Mars
    16. Born to be my baby
    17. We weren't born to follow
    18. Who says you can't go home
    19. I'll sleep when I'm dead with snippets of Jumping jack flash, Start me up, Wipe out & Highway to hell (Phil X on vocals and Jon doing the Agnus Young thingy - highlight of the evening thus far) including the extented outro
    20. Bad medicine with a small part, a 'wait a minute' snippet of Shout

    Encore I (30 minutes):
    21. I'll be there for you (Jon struggling with vocals - Phil X instead of David on backing vocals who also couldn't hit the high notes )
    22. Wanted dead or alive (during intro Jon said amongst others: "For the last time for a long time" and "No matter where the road takes you, no matter where the road takes us, know that you'll always be right here (heart)". Hummmz.....)
    23. Have a nice day
    24. In these arms (struggling with vocals, again!)
    25. Livin' on a prayer (first verse and chorus acoustic) ~ Livin' on a prayer (electric) (Jon had to give all he had during the high notes immediatelly after the solo)

    Encore II (25 minutes):
    26. These days (considering how Jon had difficulties with the high parts of other songs, this one sounded pretty good!)
    27. Always (respect for how he pulled himself through that song!!)
    28. Run run Rudolph
    29. I love this town

    Total duration including two short encore breaks, just over three hours.

    One final note I have to make: Tico's drums sounded great in the mix!

  3. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad this tour is over. First tour I have missed in a long time. I thought the album had a ton of potential, but was hardly played. The Because We Can song sucks in my opinion and a lot of other really good songs just never saw any playing time. The Richie thing took its toll. To me, the setlists were stagnant and these shows lacked variety. I think mainly for me, it was just way too soon for them to have released another album and tour. We need at least a 3 year break here before we sees these guys again.

  4. I agree with above comments. I watched the livestream but I cannot sit and watch Bon Jovi shows in their entirety anymore because I get bored due to lack of diversity (Jon says same things, same songs, etc). I cannot believe that the public really wants to hear Bad Medicine every single time?

    "Who Says" and "Captain Crash" bore me to tears and don't care for "Sleep When I'm Dead" either.

    The best moments of the night, for me, were Saturday Night and Diamond Ring.

    I am SO glad tour is over, I hope Jon brings out a solo album in the meantime because I love his solo stuff. I really want to forget this tour, especially as the show we had in my country was the worst I've seen, and I paid a lot of money for that show.

  5. I watched the show. It's a great concert, but we, as a fans, should accept that our beloved Jon is getting older - and this time it is for real. We should appreciate the fact that he is still going for 3 hours, giving everything he's got. It is obvious that Jon is not in the best shape, vocally and physically, there was a lot of problems this tour - Richie's shit and Tico's health problems, etc. I think the band should take a solid year break before doind anything new. And at that point, we should not expect Jon's voice to become higher and more powerfull. His best days are gone, but he is still great showman and phenomenal sngwritter.

  6. I was there at the concert in Brisbane during the week.

    Firstly, some background. I’m a long-time fan, first started listening around SWW / New Jersey era. Living in Brisbane, I don’t get to see them live much but have now seen them 5 times – 93 Brisbane, 95 Brisbane, 08 Sydney (they didn’t come to Brisbane that year), 10 Brisbane and now 13 Brisbane. I’m also a huge collector of BJ stuff – singles, cds, records, bootlegs, etc. I originally wasn’t going to go to this concert, what with Richie not being there (I am more a Richie, Tico or Dave fan than Jon). Also, the 2010 Brisbane gig was a bit of a letdown for me, the crowd didn’t seem into it and neither did Jon. But, finally decided to go this time and bought a ticket on ebay only last week. And?.....

    … I was blown away. The concert was much better than I expected – more energy from both Jon and the crowd this time, as opposed to 2010. Phil X was good, actually better than good I was really impressed. The only time I missed Richie was at the start of the encore – IBTFY and Wanted back to back? That’s when Richie should have been there, and I really noticed him missing (I always hear Richie singing IBTFY whenever I think of it and obviously his parts on Wanted). But in all other aspects, Phil was great, seeming to give them a bit of a “heavier” sound back, if that makes sense.

    Jon seemed to have some great energy and a 3 hr gig was a real treat for us in Brisbane. I was down near the circle, and when the boys came out and did the acoustic tracks (Diamond Ring!!) it was damn fine! The crowd seemed to really enjoy it, around me anyway, and whenever I did look around at the rest of the stadium (not much mind you) they also seemed to be into it. When Phil busted into Highway to Hell, the whole crowd erupted – a bit of light rain falling, and AC/DC cover and the Aussie crowd just loved it.

    I’ve been watching the Livestream today and I don’t think it captures the feeling of the gig. Maybe that’s the problem these days – everyone talking about Jon’s voice not being great, etc is watching these vids from the concerts. I was of the same opinion before I went, but when I was there I honestly didn’t notice it. Maybe it just is drowned out live, but shows up more on the videos. In any event, it was an awesome gig and the feedback I heard from everyone else as we were leaving the stadium was the same.

    Best bits? – We got probably the longest gig of the Aussie tour, Highway to Hell, Always, In These Arms, These Days and just the overall energy.

    Dissapointments? – no Dave Bryan vocals  (I love hearing Dave sing), and I know Bad Medicine is overdone but for the second gig in a row in Brisbane there was no other songs (Shout, etc) in the middle of Medicine!

    All in all, a fitting end to the tour.

    Something I haven’t seen anyone else mention either – I got a distinct vibe that those people who are hoping for the band to take a “break” may be getting their wish. Jon seemed like he was giving it his all, and didn’t want to leave, as the “last” gig. I am sure he also mentioned not seeing them again, maybe for some time (words to that effect – edit – as mentioned above, it was during the intro to Wanted and he said “For the last time for a long time" and "No matter where the road takes you, no matter where the road takes us, know that you'll always be right here (heart)”). Of course, a lot of times it is just platitudes (you’ve been a great crowd, thank you, etc) but as I said I have seen a lot of gigs both live, dvds, bootlegs, etc and the thank you’s and goodnights just seemed more final. I remember thinking to myself at the gig that I was glad I decided to come, because if this works out to be the last Jovi gig ever, then at least I didn’t miss it. (note – not that I *want* it to be the last ever gig, I just got that feeling).

    Anyway, that was my 2 cent review.

    Keep the Faith

    1. Thanks for sharing your review... there is a difference between experiencing something live and seeing it on video so it's great to hear from someone who was actually there.

    2. I totally agree! I was at the concert, and could see him struggle through some songs - but it sounded soooo much better live than the livestream! Just have my fingers crossed that they come day down under one day :)


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