Monday, December 2, 2013

Jon Bon Jovi reflects on his latest and most challenging world tour

Ahead of the final leg of Bon Jovi's Because We Can tour, which takes the band to Japan and Australia, Jon talked about the "challenges" that have faced them this year, beginning with the snowstorm in Connecticut and culminating in Richie Sambora's departure and Tico Torres' surgeries. Here's what Jon had to say about Richie:
Bon Jovi, while at pains to dismiss the rumours of a feud between the pair, says he hasn't spoken to his band mate in months - but the ball is firmly in Sambora's court.

"Richie was never fired from the band," Bon Jovi says. "He just didn't come to work any more. Some day when this is all over, the three of us would like to talk to him and say 'what happened'.

"If you didn't go to work tomorrow I think ultimately your editor or your publisher would say 'where are you?'. So there you go - he was never fired, we certainly have no animosity and when the tour is over he can come and see me and Tico and Dave and explain what happened."
Jon also talked about his political and social side and walking Aussie bride Branka down the aisle at Graceland Chapel. Read the full article here.

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