Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Phil X joins the "brotherhood" + Bon Jovi Melbourne videos

At last night's end-of-year crew party, Phil X and photographer David Bergman both received the Slippery When Wet medallion, which is awarded to people who serve two Bon Jovi world tours. I think you usually have to be on the whole tour to get the medallion, but it's safe to say Phil has gone above and beyond what was expected of a fill-in, first in May 2011 and now for almost all of 2013.

Meanwhile, here are some videos I captured from Melbourne. I thought someone on the floor might have a better version of these but if they've uploaded them, I haven't stumbled across them yet. These ones are from the second night (December 8).

Bon Jovi - Diamond Ring (live) - Melbourne 2013 night 2 #thefinal7

Bon Jovi - Dry County (live) - Melbourne 2013 night 2 #thefinal7

Bon Jovi - These Days (live) - Melbourne 2013 night 2 #thefinal7

Bon Jovi - AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Surfaris live medley - Melbourne 2013 night 2 #thefinal7 - Start Me Up, Wipe Out, You Shook Me All Night Long (Phil X on lead vocals), and the end of I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

I also got That's What the Water Made Me and the full I'll Sleep When I'm Dead medley (featuring Jumpin' Jack Flash, Great Balls of Fire sung by David Bryan, and Run Run Rudolph) from the first night (December 7).

Bon Jovi's YouTube channel also uploaded a pro-shot video of "Lost Highway" from the first night.

Lost Highway - Melbourne, AU - December 7, 2013

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  1. Thanks for sharing your videos! Great crowd.

    Wish we could see the clip tho :( not available now.


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