Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tico Torres back in hospital + Bon Jovi Rock in Rio set list 20/9/13

After an emergency appendectomy last week, Tico Torres was again rushed to hospital and will now undergo gall bladder surgery. This statement was issued on the Bon Jovi website:
Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres was rushed to the hospital for a second time with severe pain in his abdomen and will undergo gall bladder surgery. This follows an emergency appendectomy last week. He is expected to return to the stage and the Bon Jovi tour in the very near future.

“Tico Torres has been the heart and soul of our band since we started 30 years ago,” said Jon Bon Jovi. “He’s also one tough SOB and we look forward to him again pounding away brilliantly at the drums on remainder of this and future tours.”

Bon Jovi begins the current leg of their Because We Can tour at “Rock in Rio” in Rio De Janeiro on September 20th. New Jersey native Rich Scannella will fill in for Torres until his doctors clear him to play.

Message From Tico

Hello All,

I would like to say a quick Thank You to all of you who have kept me in your thoughts thus far. There is nothing that can prepare one for a medical emergency but I have been taken especially good care of and would again like to thank all my doctors and health care professionals.

I am very disappointed not to be able to perform but our friend Rich Scannella will stand in for me. You are in good hands.

I will be there in spirit and back on stage in soon

Enjoy the show. #RockinRio

-Tico Torres

Meanwhile, Bon Jovi's tour resumed at the Rock in Rio festival with Rich Scannella on drums and Phil X continuing in lieu of Richie Sambora, leaving only two official members of Bon Jovi on stage -- David Bryan and Jon (though anyone who knows me knows I think Hugh McDonald deserves to be a proper member by now). The set list was as follows:

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Rock in Rio - September 20, 2013
  1. That's What the Water Made Me
  2. You Give Love a Bad Name
  3. Raise Your Hands
  4. Runaway
  5. Lost Highway
  6. Whole Lot of Leavin'
  7. It's My Life
  8. Because We Can
  9. What About Now
  10. We Got It Going On
  11. Keep the Faith
  12. (You Want To) Make a Memory
  13. Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars
  14. We Weren't Born to Follow
  15. Who Says You Can't Go Home
  16. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
    / Start Me Up - Rolling Stones cover
  17. Bad Medicine
    / Shout! - Isley Brothers cover
  18. Encore:
  19. Wanted Dead or Alive
  20. Have a Nice Day
  21. Livin' on a Prayer
  22. Always

I'm currently out of town and missed the live stream, but much of the feedback I've heard on Bon Jovi hasn't been great. Did you watch it, or were you at the show? What did you think?


  1. I watched Matchbox20 and Nickelback, as well. I love Matchbox20 and it was my first time watching Nickelback. They got me glued to their seat. Amazing shows!

    Then I watched Bon Jovi (well, Jon and David) and I wanted to cry. Again, his heart wasn't in it which I can even understand due to Tico's situation. Taking that girl on the stage was probably all he could think of to save the night. His voice wasn't great, he looked downbeat (especially at the beginning of the show to more or less middle). The he did his best to seem more energetic and enthusiastic. But after seeing the other two band enthusiasm and the wanting to be there... I just want to cry today. I felt sorry for Jon. He's not that. He still has it in him to keep on giving us more but recent events have taken their toll and they need a rest.

    1. What a mess!! It was bad enough to have one down, but to have two??? I wish Tico's absence--no matter how short--could have spurred Jon to resolve the situation with Richie (whatever it is) and bring him back but I guess not. It is telling that he had kind, heartfelt words to say in writing and on stage about Tico but never any for Richie. Sad, sad, sad. Poor band / poor us.

  2. Poor Tico. It never rains but it pours sometimes. Hope he has a speedy recovery.

    Mostly I hope Jon & David survive the rest of the tour without injury or illness.

    Now would be a good time for Richie to put his big boy pants on, suck it up & get back to work & help his brothers out, in my opinion.

    1. I agree with this. I am very inclined to think Richie is the one who's responsible for his own absence. If it is indeed an addiction problem the band would be fools to take him back. It's not really about punishing him. Anyone who has lived or been closed to people with an addiction know that enabling their behaviour is the quickest way to put their lives at risk. It'd be easier for the band to take him back and Phil X on tour for when and if Richie screwed up but it'd not force Richie to face his illness (if this is the case and what's really going on he can't hide it forever). It's all very sad.

  3. I bet Jon is counting the concerts until this cursed BWC tour is over. The album wasn't great enough to support a tour and the same touring markets have been saturated with their greatest hits set lists. With the Richie/Tico absences, the band is doing the best they can but it is not "Bpn Jovi." Will promoters want to take a chance on the band's marketability in the future? Unfortunately, Bon Jovi is not only long past their peak years but this tour marks a definite decline. A long break is overdue but given their age (and the ongoing Richie question), whether they can pull off a great new album and another tour is questionable. I don't see them as a headline act at festivals and I don't see them selling out arenas unless the next tour is promoted as a reunion tour with Richie onboard or a final farewell tour given Tico's age. Jon has said in the past that he will know when to stop. I wish they could go out on a great high note but I am not confident it will happen. I am a fan but none of the crowd that I hang out with is.

  4. I watched it and I thought Jon was good.

    There is a different sound from drums and lead guitar that differs from Richie and Tico.

    I think Phil is a damn good guitarist and vocalist but he isn't Richie. ...

  5. Jon Bon Jovi, do yourself a favour and pack it all in. Go home and do nothing for at least five years. Richie Sambora, this has been dragging on for months, and I have reached the point where I no longer care for this. Stay away from the band. Starve the fans, see if I care.
    All this confirms all the stuff I was trying to flog my family and my friends - the Music Industry is the most unprofessional, Mafia-like substance it has ever been my poor misfortune to come across. Bon Jovi and all the other poor guys must be the first people who didn't know they were working for a criminal enterprise.

  6. One thing I can't understand. Why not appreciate that Jon still gives 110%, makes good music and tours all over the world, instead of complaining all the goddamn time. At least there is people who prefer to pack the stadium, have a good time at rock concert and not cry like a little bitch.

    After all the bad things that happen on this tour - first Richie, now Tico - Jon still sucks it up and goes on. He deservers massive respect for that. Always puts the fans first!

    1. Maybe some of us want Jon and the rest to put themselves first for a while? Who's selfish? Do you think there is one fan who doesn't want their band to show up every year with a new album and a great tour? Come on!


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