Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bon Jovi reschedules concerts after Tico Torres surgery

Maybe Bon Jovi should have renamed this tour the Murphy's Law Tour...

The Because We Can Tour was scheduled to resume in Mexico City on September 10, but the band was forced to cancel when Tico Torres had an emergency appendectomy. New dates for this concert, as well as scheduled shows in Santiago, Chile and Bueno Aires, Argentina have been announced on

Jon Bon Jovi issued the following statement on the website:
Greetings from Mexico City.

Last night Tico Torres underwent an emergency appendectomy. Thankfully, the operation was a success and Tico is now recovering in the care of his doctors at the American British Cowdray Hospital. We’d like to thank the doctors, nurses and all the hospital staff who helped our friend through this difficult time.

We’ll remain here with Tico in Mexico City and will see him through his release. David and I spent the day with him at the hospital and Tico sends his thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers. He wants everyone to know that it was his desire to perform. He even promised the doctors he would come back for the surgery right after the show but the doctors prevailed.

We know many of you make great efforts and travel from around the world to see us on tour. It remains our desire to give you the best that we have every night. We are sorry for any inconvenience this sudden change of plans may have caused. We’ll re-schedule any dates that we can and will continue the tour through December. Check for tour updates.

On behalf of the band, I’d like to thank all of you who support us throughout these challenges.

See you soon. - JBJ

Phil X sent his best wishes when the concert was first postponed:

And it's been nearly impossible to get Richie Sambora to acknowledge Bon Jovi over the past five months, but he did send out a couple of tweets for Tico, too:


  1. I am so glad that Jon (and Richie) released statements. We don't need to know every little thing but as fans we feel a bond with the band members. I have been disappointed in the absence of any personal messages from Jon and no, I am not referring to the big question about Richie but just *anything* from Jon. During The Circle tour, he tweeted very little but did send out a few personal messages. I recall him tweeting about resuming his "vampire hours" on the tour and his message to Japan during the nuclear disaster. This helps fans feel more connected to the band and makes us feel that he is connected to us. He needs to keep in mind that Bon Jovi frankly gets very little press and there have been no major magazine articles on the band or Jon in a couple of tours now--an occasional photo that usually gets very little comment from the masses at large. He has a right to his privacy and his closed circle around the band but he needs to also tend to his fans.

  2. I was thinking along the same lines as well - "the tour that should have never happened". I wonder what they will say about it in a couple of years time...
    Anyways, who is touring with them right now? Is Phil there after all? Or rather would he have been there?


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