Sunday, March 5, 2017

Bon Jovi in Phoenix 4/3/17

After a few days off, Bon Jovi continued their This House Is Not For Sale Tour in Phoenix, Arizona. According to the arena's Facebook page, the mayor of Phoenix henceforth declared March 4 "Bon Jovi Day". Here's what was played:

Set list: Phoenix, AZ, USA - Talking Stick Resort Arena - 4 March 2017
  1. This House Is Not For Sale
  2. Knockout
  3. You Give Love A Bad Name
  4. Lost Highway
  5. Whole Lot Of Leavin
  6. We Weren't Born To Follow
  7. Roller Coaster
  8. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead / Jumpin' Jack Flash [Rolling Stones cover]
  9. We Got It Going On
  10. Who Says You Can't Go Home
  11. It's My Life
  12. We Don't Run
  13. God Bless This Mess
  14. Scars On This Guitar
  15. The Devil's In The Temple
  16. Lay Your Hands On Me
  17. Born To Be My Baby
  18. Have A Nice Day
  19. Bad Medicine
  20. Keep The Faith

  21. Because We Can
  22. Blood On Blood
  23. Wanted Dead Or Alive
  24. Livin' On A Prayer

Bit disappointed that "Living with the Ghost" was dropped after one show (but "Because We Can" is still in the encore? Really? 😕). Nice to see "Blood on Blood" back though.

A snippet of the Rolling Stones' "Jumpin' Jack Flash" was performed as part of a medley in "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" for the first time on this tour. At this point, just doing the "jukebox medley" every show and changing the cover songs in it would be a welcome surprise. I mean, I'd probably have a great time if I were physically at these shows, but there are plenty of fans who go to multiple shows on a tour and it sucks that they're very unlikely to get anything different at the moment.

UPDATE 5/3/17: "We Weren't Born to Follow" was dedicated to former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and retired NASA astronaut Mark Kelly.

UPDATE 7/3/17: Bon Jovi had a reunion of sorts with Tico Torres' long-time drum tech Joe "JD" Dorosz, who had a stroke last year. Bon Jovi will match every donation to JD's GoFundMe page.

Videos from Phoenix

Here's "Jumpin' Jack Flash" and the end of "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead":

"Blood on Blood":

"Keep the Faith":

Jon talking to the crowd before performing "It's My Life":

If you'd like to share any videos from Phoenix, feel free to link to them in the comments.

Were you at this show?

P.S. The first thing that comes up if you search Bon Jovi Phoenix on YouTube is this performance of "Living in Sin" from 1989. I try not to live in the past (or in this case, pretend to remember a past that occurred when I was only a few months old) but I don't think there's anything wrong with celebrating it... and I really wanted to post this video. Wow.


  1. He and Phil X is the new Tommy Thayer.

  2. i cant begin to explain how frustrated i am with these set lists. This is becoming a joke. Waste of money, really, unless you want to see the new songs.


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