Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bon Jovi Reunion contest

As Jon mentioned at the recent concert in Indianapolis, Bon Jovi are holding a contest to perform live at your commencement ceremony this year. They will play "Reunion" and speak to the graduating class. This contest is open to students who are graduating from a US college in 2017.

To enter, tweet a photo of your favourite college memory with the hashtag #JBJreunioncontest and tag your school.

Watch Jon's announcement on MTVU. (Since it's an American contest, you can only view this video if you're in the US, or if you use a proxy. I originally embedded the video in this post but it autoplays and I find that annoying.)

Jon also spoke to GMA about the Reunion Contest ahead of tonight's concert in Detroit:

UPDATE 30/03/17: This new graduation-themed video set to "Reunion" was just uploaded to YouTube. In addition to footage of people celebrating their graduations, it features snippets of commencement speeches from late Star Trek star Leonard Nimoy, Indiana University graduate Parker Mantell, and former US President Barack Obama:

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