Monday, October 3, 2016

Every song from This House Is Not For Sale live

As mentioned in my previous post, Bon Jovi performed This House Is Not For Sale in its entirety at Count Basie Theater on October 1. Some of these songs may never be played live again after Bon Jovi complete this month's run of TIDAL X shows, so thanks to JBJSpirit and JoviGirl1983 for capturing these videos. Just quietly, I would've liked for Jon to move around a little more, given he wasn't playing guitar. But all in all, the album sounds promising to my ears. Although I feel like screaming at the band/Jon/the record company that it's not too late to NOT release "Knockout" as a single!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this mini-concert...

This House Is Not For Sale

Living with the Ghost


Labor of Love

Born Again Tomorrow

Roller Coaster

New Year's Day

The Devil's in the Temple

Scars on This Guitar

God Bless This Mess


Come On Up to Our House

Real Love (bonus track)

All Hail the King (bonus track)

We Don't Run (bonus track; previously released on Burning Bridges)

Do you have a favourite song?


  1. I hope they play the other three bonus tracks "I Will Drive You Home", "Goodnight New York", and "Touch of Grey" at one of the future TIDAL X shows!


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