Saturday, May 18, 2013

"You've gotta ask him." - JBJ on Richie Sambora

Richie Sambora should stop tweeting about how great everything is and make some kind of statement. Or at least in some way acknowledge the fact that the band is on tour and he isn't. Yes, he is human and has the right to privacy and his "issues" are "personal". We don't need all the gory details. The question that really matters, that it appears only he can answer, is this: Is Richie returning to Bon Jovi or not?

This video includes footage from the Bon Jovi press conference ahead of the Vienna show and a tour of the stadium stage set-up, but what Jon says about Richie (at about 1:39), especially on the back of the Cool FM interview, stands out:

"To keep addressing the Richie thing, and it's very difficult for us because, in truth, it's almost to the point... you've gotta ask him. He didn't show up, that's all that happened. He didn't get fired, we didn't have a fight. We've been through this before. And when he works through his personal issues, then he can talk about what date, if at all, he chooses to come back. We love him, we miss him, it's different but it's still just as good, and we're fortunate that the guy that filled in for him last time that he had issues was available, so the shows have not suffered one bit."


  1. Re: LeeAnn's post: Amen!

  2. Totally agree. I saw them w/out RS, and it was a great show regardless. Just sayin. On a lighter note...I laugh at the pix of press conf w/their sunglasses on- and bless TT and DB- cause truly- do they ever get asked more than a token question? Why do them? Its gotta be uncomfortable. The glasses are kind of Spinal Tap in my opinion..:)

  3. *sigh* I agree. I saw Richie tweeting this week and wondered what the hell is going on in his mind with all these, "I'm great. Everything is great." tweets that he's putting out there. If it's money, say that it's money. People might be pissed that he blew off the shows because he wants more money, but the truth would at least be out there. By doing what he's doing, it makes more speculation and quite honestly, it makes me think that he's being selfish by having not shown up for the tour. If it's his mom or someone close to him - it's clearly not Ava since he tweeted a pic of her driving him around - then say so. IMO, he's starting to look very bad.

    I wish the band had just taken a break for 5 years or so and then come back with a great record and feeling refreshed and wanting to be touring and working together. Everyone has their own side projects. They didn't have to do this. I wish they'd just held off for a while. I hate feeling that my favorite band is about to go out with a whimper.

  4. Yesterday in Munich I saw them perform for the first time without Richie. It's been my 75th show and it was definitely different but and that's a big BUT it's been one hell of a show! One of the best I've ever been to.
    Before yesterday I've been convinced without Richie it's not Bon Jovi anymore. Today... I know better.
    At least for me Bon Jovi is still Bon Jovi and will ever be.

    Steffi - mue03


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