Thursday, May 16, 2013

JBJ can't confirm Richie Sambora will return

Jon Bon Jovi has firmly placed the ball in Richie Sambora's court in an interview on Cool FM.

Pete Snodden interviewed Jon about touring, playing Slane, the new album What About Now, and songwriting... but when it came to the question of whether Richie would be back with Bon Jovi in the future (at 5:55), this is what Jon had to say (after a pause):

"Let's just say I certainly hope so. He has not been fired from the band, he is not ill, he's got some personal stuff that he's gotta deal with and I can't comment any further and it's not me being elusive, but it's for him to answer any further than that. We did not have a row, but we go on and he is always gonna be welcome as long as he's up for it."

I don't know about you but that doesn't sound overly promising. :/ Here's the interview in full.


  1. OK. This sounds like an honest answer. I guess Richie should shut up about his contest and talking about feeling "f--------king great" he feels and tell us the truth. The fans love these guys but I, for one, do not feel like being used by Richie to get back at Jon. We are, I think, an understanding bunch and can understand family problems, rehab etc. However, two years ago I went to a "Richie-less" concert and had a great time. It is still "BonJovi", Phil did a great job then and will continue to. I'll look forward to my "Richie-less: concert in Oct.

  2. Richie is back on tour in June, it is on their facebook page. Stop the conspiracy shit. Besides, he has his own life, and does not owe an explanation for everything he does

    1. I'm not trying to start a conspiracy, I am quoting Jon Bon Jovi directly. Where on their Facebook page does it state that Richie will be back in June? The official website says he will be gone for the entire European leg. Yes, Richie has the right to some privacy but when the Bon Jovi camp indicates that his return is entirely up to him and he does nothing to alleviate growing speculation that he has quit the band, you can't blame fans for being concerned.

    2. I'm not blaming you for anything. I read your blog every day form the beginning of this tour. It's just that I'm tired of all this speculation. Maybe he will be back for the rest of the tour, maybe he wont. I agree, it is a little confusing, but it is what it is. - here it states that he will be back for 6th June. It is not official, but still, no reason to panic. Obviously Jon is supportive for Richie, so it is not a problem between them. Which is the most important thing. So if Richie, for some reason, decides to quit the band, be it. It is his choice, after all. Yes, it will be sad, but the truth is, there still will be BON JOVI.

      I just wish people would apprecieate more the fact the they still make great music with amazing lyrics, still play massive shows. Instead, it seems like everybody is bitching - there is not enough guitars in the album, they are not as good as they were, Jon's voice is not as high as it was, bla bla. Enjoy what you've got, for Christ sake!

      This is not personal, I just needed to get it out.

    3. Fair enough, though I feel a lot of the speculation would end if Richie just said something about whether he intended to return. :(

  3. I agree the guy is entitled to his own life, etc. Howevever the fans are entitled to a explanation as well. Doesnt have to be in great detail...but something. Had this been a week or two, and no explanation that is one thing. But at this moment in time, missing all of these shows with no explanation........I think something with a little detail needs to be said. Its not like they both saying the same things here. Richie has basically said nothing.....which I think is wrong. He is the one who left the tour.


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