Sunday, May 26, 2013

"Nothing is resolved" -Richie Sambora

And the Bon Jovi soap opera rolls on. About a day ago, Hollyscoop came up with this explanation about Richie Sambora's departure from the tour:
“Jon Bon Jovi had his ego hit hard when daughter Stephanie overdosed on heroin on November 14, 2012 in her college dorm. Since then Jon has been distraught and even angrier to business associates and friends. Jon said point-blank to Richie’s face, ‘I thought an overdose would have come from a daughter of yours, not mine.’”

It was this low-blow comment from Jon to Richie that basically ended whatever relationship they DID have. Sources say that since Jon’s daughter’s overdose, Jon has gotten even angrier and more cruel to Richie. Richie has always maintained that his exit was for "private reasons" that he would not go into. We now know that this "private matter" was actually Jon's belittling.

“Richie just went quietly and played for 20 plus shows that ended in late February, but when he had to return on April 2 for the next leg, Richie decided he wasn’t being paid enough to go through with all the cruelty from Jon,” adds the source.
Personally, I think if Jon had actually said said that, Richie would have walked out there and then, not sit through the whole first leg of the tour stewing over it (and displaying remarkable acting skills). And why would Jon be suggesting the media ask Richie what happened, if he had said what Hollyscoop is claiming?

Also, the first leg finished in March, not February. But this is just another thing to add to the melting pot of speculation.

Richie, meanwhile, has tweeted again... has Jon's little brother Matt...

There also seems to be a bunch of fans repeatedly tweeting this for some reason:
@BonJovi @MatthewBongiovi @TheRealSambora Need explanations They ran out of excuses.Richie&Jon gives the face,assumes #WeWantSamboraBack
followed by a number, which I'm assuming is added because Twitter bars you from posting duplicate tweets from the same account. Apart from the #WeWantSamboraBack hashtag at the end, I'm not even sure what the tweet means. Then again, it's probably a fitting reflection of the chaos and confusion in Jovi Land right now.


  1. I really can't believe Jon would have said anything so cruel and if he had why would Richie say he is hoping for resolution.
    I did not believe this before but I certainly believe now that this was a calculated ploy by Richie or his circle for more money or to negotiate playing songs from his solo album (or both)
    Richie did not bank on them being able to get Phil so fast. The tour hasn't suffered and Phil is gaining a fan base.
    I myself am getting angrier at Richie for this nonsense that should have been worked out before the tour. He says he cares about the fans....well what about the fans from Calgary?

  2. I agree with Mary. I don't see Jon saying something so foul to Richie OR believing it. I, too, am fed up with Richie though. I don't even care what is going on anymore. I just want the bitching and fighting and mud slinging to stop. I miss the days when we did not have all this information so readily, like after the New Jersey tour when they nearly split up for good, but I knew nothing about that until "Behind the Music" (or whatever show) until years later. I miss the ignorance of being able to think everything was ok and everyone got along. I wanted to respond to Richie's last tweet that if he thought support wasn't waning, then he really was clueless. I did have to stop following Matt though because I think he keeps fanning the flames by saying things and then acting like his words weren't some thinly veiled snipe at Richie. I don't have time for that crap either.

    1. Agree with you and Mary! Ditto!

  3. You people are pathetic, bunch of Jon Bon Jovi fangirls. He has a reputation for having quite an ego and he IS kind of an asshole, you are juat too blind too see it, dumbasses.


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