Monday, November 5, 2012

JBJ on new album What About Now (out March 2013)

Jon Bon Jovi talks about the new album:

  • Jon mentioned it on Skavlan but as well as being the name of the upcoming tour, Because We Can is the lead single. Hope the song is not another It's My Life / Everyday / Have a Nice Day / We Weren't Born to Follow rewrite.
  • Matt Bongiovi said last month that the album title What About Now wasn't confirmed yet but presumably it is now. Four months to go!
  • The album is "socially conscious", contains "big anthems" and is a "smart record for us" -- that last one is an intriguing comment. Might mean another The Circle though, which I still love but lots of people either felt alienated by it or got sick of it very quickly.
Are you looking forward to a new album next year or do you think the band should have taken an even longer break?


  1. They should have taken a longer break and allowed Richie to tour solo properly.

  2. yep cant wait, the fighter gave a real exciting glimpse to something deeper and meangingful. Really looking forward to this since it's had quite a low key build up so not quite sure what to expect. I think its a bit unfair to lump WWBTF with the other three though, it's not a clone at all.


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