Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bon Jovi Inside Out: What would you ask them?

Bon Jovi Inside Out will be screening in the US on November 27 and Canada on November 28... and on Twitter, they've invited fans to submit questions for the live Q&A by hashtagging #AskBonJovi. There are a lot of stupid ones being asked to be honest (I won't give examples) and I don't know what sort of questions will get answered, but it is cool to see the band and its "people" actually start to embrace the social side of social media in more recent times instead of only using it to hard sell merchandise and expensive packages.

Meanwhile, Inside Out executive producer John Rubey gave an interview with
John, what does a major rock band like Bon Jovi hope to achieve with a one-night-only cinema event like "Inside Out"?

I think it's a moment for them to let their fans know what they're doing and what's next. Tell them about the new tour in 2013. Bon Jovi doesn't do a lot of interviews, and they're going to take the fans questions from the theaters. It gives you an opportunity to see the band's performance on movie theater screens that are so massive in scale – it's a really awesome experience with all the big pictures and big sound.

Tell me about the process of selecting performances, which were culled from shows at the O2 Arena, Meadowlands Stadium and Madison Square Garden, for "Inside Out"?

Well, you've got three epic performances recorded over three years. What's pretty amazing about it is how consistently the band performs from year to year, and yet at the same time every one of them is so different. MSG was on the 25th anniversary of the band, and Madison Square Garden has been such an iconic venue for so many years. Meadowlands Stadium, that was the opening of the stadium in the band's home state of New Jersey, so that's pretty special. Then the O2 in London is probably the busiest music venue at the arena level, and that was about a 15-show run there. They all sort of have their stories to them.

Which performance are you most fond of?

I love them all and it's hard to call one out. I think we open with "Blood on Blood," and that's an awesome song. So I really like that one. We close with "Who Says You Can't Go Home."
Check out the rest of the article here.

Here's a video of Livin' on a Prayer from Inside Out. Looks like this is how they're tackling the 2/3 shows in one movie thing. Hmmm.

Anyway who's going to see this?

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