Sunday, October 14, 2012

Richie Sambora - Berlin set list 13/10/12

Richie Sambora's Berlin show was the longest and (set-wise) the most exciting of the tour so far... Granted the tour is only four shows in but I now have very high hopes for the upcoming Shepherd's Bush (London) show which is reportedly being filmed.

Berlin, Germany - Huxley's - October 13, 2012
  1. Burn The Candle Down
  2. Every Road Leads Home To You
  3. Nowadays
  4. Stranger In This Town
  5. Taking a Chance On The Wind
  6. Weathering The Storm
  7. Sugar Daddy
  8. Learning How To Fly With a Broken Wing
  9. Hungry Heart [Bruce Springsteen cover] / I'll Be There For You
  10. Hard Times Come Easy
  11. Shooting Star [Bad Company cover]
  12. You Can Only Get So High
  13. Fallen From Graceland
  14. Who Says You Can't Go Home / Wild Night [Van Morrison cover]

  15. Encore:
  16. Midnight Rider [Allman Brothers cover] / Wanted Dead or Alive
  17. Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End [Beatles medley]
  18. These Days
  19. The Answer
  20. Livin' on a Prayer

The Answer is right up there with my favourite solo Richie songs (and I know I'm not alone in that regard) so hopefully it makes some more appearances!

What other songs are you keen to hear on the tour?

Who was at this show? :)


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