Thursday, October 20, 2011

JBJ on the Soul Kitchen, Katherine Heigl on JBJ

There was a nice Associated Press article overnight about the recently opened Jon Bon Jovi Soul Kitchen.
In three decades as one of the world's biggest rock stars, Jon Bon Jovi has eaten in some of the world's best restaurants, savoring the best food the planet has to offer.

Yet there's no place he'd rather have dinner than The Soul Kitchen, a "pay-what-you-can" restaurant he and his wife Dorothea established in a former auto body shop near the Red Bank train station in central New Jersey.
Read the rest of the article here.

Meanwhile, Katherine Heigl has talked about locking lips with Jon in New Year's Eve.
"I play a young woman who's a caterer and she's catering the New Year's Eve party and event," she explained. "Jon plays my big, famous musician ex-fiance who comes back into town to sort of win me back."

And then Heigl beamed, "Yes, I made out with him!"

How was it?

"It's always so nerve-wracking," she said. "There's all the giggles and there's all the Altoid popping."

And Bon Jovi couldn't have been more of a gentleman. "He's just a gem," Heigl said. "One of the nicest guys ever."
Read more at this link.

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