Saturday, October 15, 2011

Is Richie Sambora FINALLY releasing another solo album?

I think I was in my first year of secondary school (and possibly even still in primary school) when Richie first started talking about making a third solo album. I've since had two university graduations and started working full time if that gives you any indication of how long it's been. But it seems that some progress -- as in the kind of progress that might actually see a record finished and released -- is being made. A few days ago session drummer Aaron Sterling blogged this:
I’m here at Oceanway for the next few days working with the great Richie Sambora on his next solo record. He’s a super cool guy and the music has been a blast to play. We have a great band with Curt Schneider, Rusty Anderson and Matt Rollings.
Curt Schneider also has this photo on his website: Photobucket

The pic seems to be of all the guys Aaron mentioned, plus what looks like Luke Ebbin (who produced Crush and Bounce for Bon Jovi) and another guy that JoviTalk has yet to identify.

Do you think Richie's third album will finally come to fruition? Are you looking forward to it if it does?


  1. Finally, I think it's the best time for a solo record by Richie. Let's see what happens.

  2. Rusty Anderson is Paul McCartney's guitarist. Have heart him on tour.Excellent guitarist. Would love to hear them together.

  3. I too have been waiting what seems like several lifetimes for another solo album. He has such an awesome voice that we rarely get to hear when he tours with Bon Jovi. I was just listening to Crossroads today and the song Prayer 94 came on and I realized how badly I want another solo album from him. Hopefully with this long break the band is taking he will have the time to create something that is completely his own.


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