Sunday, September 4, 2011

Project Richie

When the Bon Jovi tour is over, one of the points of focus becomes each member's side projects. Like, are we going to get any solo albums? Apparently our Mr. Bluesman Richie Sambora mentioned a solo album during his live webcast with Nikki Lund but I missed it and some people commented that it he may have just said it to appease everyone.

I could crack my favourite North Korean Democracy joke but I already did that 2+ years ago. Richie did say something about writing new songs when he dropped by Norman's Rare Guitars recently so I guess we'll have to wait and see what (if anything) comes of that.

Speaking of Richie and Nikki, they'll be performing together at the Rock Fashion show and debuting their new line NikkiRich. The show will take place at Station Hollywood on Wednesday, October 5 and you can get tickets here with proceeds going to charity.


  1. Richie will make a few songs with Nikki, but those really won't take him much time/brainpower.

    Curiously, someone on Twitter who is in India now said Jon was on the Indian VH1 (?!) and talked about a new album in 2012. Since this is ridiculously early to the point of not being any sort of break at all, my guess is either Jon figures he can say whatever the hell he wants to India since it's not likely they'll ever go there anyway, or that they just refuse to go away, for a number of reasons we all can guess (Hall of fame? A bet to see how long fans will continue to pay up? Keeping Richie on the wagon?)

    They can obviously do what they please, but if they do churn out another album in 2012, I'M taking a break from THEM.
    I honestly need a good long break from a band that seemingly obsessive-compulsively keeps releasing albums. I can't help but desperately opine for the 90s, when both them and their schedule seemed to have endless creativity.

  2. I agree. I need a break from them. I'm more interested in possible solo projects than I am in a future Bon Jovi album at this point. I want a Bon Jovi album of the quality of New Jersey/Keep The Faith/These Days, but I don't see that happening if they keep releasing albums every 2 years. I want quality not quantity.

  3. Personally I'm hanging out for a solo album too.

  4. I saw the live stream & didn't get the feeling that Richie made the comment about a solo album to appease us...Nikki just wouldn't let it go. I think he really *is* working on something, but just wasn't ready to talk about it with the public yet.

  5. Love Bon Jovi, but would love to have some solo work. I loved both of their solo albums. Take a rest guys! We'll still be here.

  6. Let's just hope that they do what they do naturally and because they want to.

    I would think another album is too soon too, and that taking some time would be nice. But solo albums nowadays would probably be a different animal than the ones they released back then, so I wouldn't really know what to expect anymore anyway. Jon nowadays would probably just release a Lost Highway twin, and Richie seems to be spread too thin with regards to what truly inspires him.


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