Saturday, September 10, 2011

Billy Falcon's Bon Jovi songs

Bon Jovi has collaborated with Billy Falcon a lot over the years... Here are Billy's versions of some of those songs.

when we were were beautiful by Billy Falcon

Superman Tonight edit by Billy Falcon

Everybodys Broken edit by Billy Falcon

Love's The Only Rule demo edit by Billy Falcon


  1. i wonder why he gave them those songs.

  2. It's both of their songs although some do lend themselves better as quiet no frills versions Billy Falcon would do, rather than drowning in John Shanks-type overproduction of BJ.

    Lee-Ann might be unknowingly psychic, cause Falcon apparently just posted on FB that he is on his way to NYC to write songs with Jon.
    Before anyone rejoices or groans, it seems to be for only a couple days.

  3. Strong am I in the Force... :P

    Hmm wonder if they're working on something specific?

  4. It's been said it's for the band Soraia, who I don't care about one way or the other, but it's never a bad thing, Jon spending time writing songs.


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