Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Bon Jovi: 'Live' from Lisbon" Encore

From BonJovi.com:
DON'T MISS THE STREAM OF Bon Jovi: 'Live' from Lisbon Encore on Sept 21st!
September 14, 2011

Make sure to watch Bon Jovi: 'Live' from Lisbon Encore, the stream of Bon Jovi's last show of the 2011 tour performed in Lisbon, Portugal on July 31st!! The legendary performance will stream Wednesday, September 21st for fans worldwide on BonJovi.com and Facebook.com/BonJovi!

There will be 3 airings so tune in to any or all of the times below to catch this unforgettable show!

First Airing: 8:00PM EST (Sydney) // 7:00PM JST (Tokyo) // 6:00AM EDT (New York)
Second Airing: 8:00PM BST (London) // 3:00PM EDT
Third Airing: 8:00PM EDT // 7:00PM CDT // 6:00PM MDT // 5:00PM PDT

The wording is a bit ambiguous so whether that means they're broadcasting the whole show, or just the encore, or just selected highlights isn't entirely clear. I don't think I'm going to get home in time to catch it anyway so if anyone wants to record it, that'd be nice. ;)

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  1. It seems to me that it's the encore/restreaming of what they already streamed.


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